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Optimizing your health and well -being isn’t one dimensional. There are three areas that need equal attention: Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset. Many health, wellness and fitness organizations can give you bits and pieces of support and generally give a one size fits all solution which fits very few. My House Fitness customizes solutions to the individual, addressing fitness with the method that is proven to work best – personal training. Each of our personal trainers has also been educated in nutrition to support our clients and we have also partnered with Healthy For Life Meals to provide a healthy, balanced option for meals made of real food.  Finally, our entire operation is based on mindset – we create an environment that changes your mindset the second you walk through the door. Our professional fitness coaches know how to motivate, encourage, and provide accountability that is essential to you achieving your fitness goals and making fitness a way of life.

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Our personal training services are what set us apart.  Because we’re a private studio we’re able to offer socially-distanced personal training that is customized to you, the individual, producing faster results.  Personal training provides accountability, encouragement, and safety.

Monthly Training Package Options

  • One-to-One (private) personal training
  • Group (semi-private) personal training
  • Family/Partner personal training
  • Choice of 2, 3, 4, or 5 times per week

All training   packages include:

  1. A professionally designed fitness program
  2. Guided scheduled sessions
  3. Monthly goal evaluation
  4. Modifications based on monitored progress
  5. Flexible scheduling
  6. Motivation, accountability & encouragement
  7. Learned proven methods & techniques

Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation

To get you started out and positioned for success in your new customized fitness program, designed by one of our fitness experts, we conduct a Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation (a fitness assessment), which includes:

  • Initial Consultation with a certified personal trainer
  • Exercise & Fitness-level Assessment
  • Medical History & Limitation Identification
  • Body Composition Measurements
  • Body Fat Percentage & Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculations
  • Goal Setting
  • Identify Obstacles and Measures of Progress & Success
  • Nutritional Assessment (optional)


Your body is like a one of a kind sports car. If you’re going to get the best performance you’re going to need to give it the best fuel possible. When you fill your tank with foods that lack nutrients your system is going to crash fast.

How do you know what you should be eating, and how much? Take the guesswork out of nutrition.

At My House Fitness, we help you get on track with healthy nutrition as a perfect complement to our fitness programs

Healthy For Life Meals

Say goodbye forever to calorie-counting, expensive supplements, chalky shake and bars, and restrictive contracts. Instead, enjoy wholesome delicious freshly prepared by the nutrition and culinary professionals at Healthy for Life Meals.

For more information visit healthyforlifemeals.com

Or call 763-746-8800 for personalized service.

My House Fitness will be providing curbside pickup of Healthy For Life Meal Orders (effective June 15, 2020)

Meal Pick Up Process:

  1. Arrive at My House Fitness parking lot Monday & Thursday between the hours of 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  2. Call 763-496-5699 and identify the name on your meal order; wait in your car.
  3. My House Fitness staff, wearing a face mask and gloves will bring the meal package out to you.