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Announcing New Partnership with Register Dietician for Nutritional Support of My House Fitness Clients


I wanted to let you know about a colleague of mine that I have teamed up with. His name is Jayson Hunter and he is a Registered Dietitian of over 19 years.

Jayson’s Story

  • About 10 years ago he helped solve a problem with the fitness industry and their clients consuming too many supplements.
  • Ironically, he started a supplement company which I know you are asking, “How does that solve people consuming too many supplements?”
  • Well, there were plenty of fitness professionals and trainers wondering what to do because they had clients asking them what they should buy or telling their trainers that they bought XYZ product from a supplement store and asking if it was good or not.
  • Fitness professionals like myself wouldn’t know if the product was good or not because we didn’t know the company or people behind it and their integrity. The other challenge was if the supplement was helping to solve a problem or just attempting to be a band-aid.
  • So, Jayson decided to create a nutritional supplement company for fitness professionals and their clients. Except he approached it differently. Since Jayson is a Registered Dietitian he approaches it with food first.
  • He is always preaching that you have to build a decent nutritional foundation through food first before you take any supplements or the supplements won’t help at all.
  • Very ironic coming from someone who created a supplement brand, but he is passionate that food comes first, and then supplements are in addition to the foundation building blocks and not a replacement.

How this helps YOU

Even though we all try to eat healthily, Jayson says there are 2 areas in the foundation that are always the weakest points and this has been backed up by the USDA and other nutritional organizations.

The problem areas

  1. Vegetable intake: After all these years of teaching the importance of an abundance of vegetables, society still only eats about 2 servings a day instead of 6-8. Even the best of eaters still struggle with getting in a wide variety of colorful vegetables.
  2. Omega-3 fatty acids: There are thousands of research studies that have shown the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids and how our current intake is lopsided with a 30 to 1 ratio of Omega-6 fats (disease promoting) to Omega-3 fats. Consuming large quantities of Omega 6 fats, scientists believe, may trigger inflammation, sensitivity to pain, and thickening of the blood.

The solution

  1. This is where a solid multivitamin that contains fruit and vegetable extracts along with the vitamins and minerals they provide, is a supplement to the 2 servings we eat a day now and it strengthens this weak point in our nutritional foundation.  Product: Jay Pro Lab’s Active Core Complex
  2. The solution is to consume cold-water fatty fish 3-4 times a week along with other foods that contain Omega-3 fats. I don’t know anyone that eats fish for dinner 3x a week. Even though we know we should it is just tough to do that. This is where a good Omega-3 supplement comes in and is beneficial in strengthening that weak point of our foundation. So, if you can consume fish 1x a week and then eat a few other Omega-3 rich foods during the week, you have an ok foundation for Omega-3 fats and then a supplement is there to shore up that weakness in your foundation. Product: Jay Pro Lab’s Omega Icon

Knowledge is Key:

Jayson publishes a lot of great educational content that I will be sharing with you to educate all of us on building a solid nutritional foundation to achieve the body of our dreams. Combine this nutritional guidance with your very own customized fitness program designed by your My House Fitness certified personal trainer, and you will be on a mush healthier path quickly.

Try it out today for a discount

I did want to also let you know that I was able to negotiate with him to share a coupon with my clients and audience to try one of the products listed above at a significant discount. All you have to do is use the coupon code USS15 when checking out and you will get 15% off your initial purchase.

I am excited to be partnering with one of the leaders in our industry when it comes to nutrition, and I look forward to sharing a ton of great educational content with you from Jayson and his team. Don’t forget if you are one of the millions who try to eat enough fish and vegetables every day but it is just a struggle, then pick up a bottle of Active Core Complex and Omega Icon from Jayson and save 15% while doing it.

Shelly M Houser, Owner My House Fitness, Coon Rapids

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